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  Airlines flying to Fortaleza, Brazil - The best routes and prices


TAP Air Portugal has daily flights from Europe to Fortaleza with connections from all major European cities connecting with the daily Lisbon-Fortaleza flight.
Prices vary, booking early and with an agent who has a large quota of seats helps to get the best prices with Tap.
The TAP connections are very convenient, and as an added bonus the baggage allowance is 64kg per passenger, so perfect for lots of kite equipment. has a weekly flight to Fortaleza, direct from Amsterdam. This flight can be very good value, but this is subject to availability, booking early is the key here.

TAM Airlines has daily flights from Miami in the USA, although not direct its currently the best way to get to Fortaleza from America. Price again is subject to demand so booking early is the key.

Thomson fly from the UK (Gatiwick) to Natal in Brazil, this flight can be very good value. Internal flights from Natal to Fortaleza are cheap and regular, worth looking into this option. Only downside can be baggage allowance for kitesurf equipment.

First Choice fly from Gatwick UK to Salvidor, again this can be another very cheap way of getting to Brazil - internal flights are cheap and regular.

  Travel Companies to help you book cheap flights


In Holland you should contact Fly Brazil - these companies provide good service and can hunt down the best flight prices for you.

If travelling from the USA then you have to check prices with OzoneTravel who have the best deals available from TAM, they can also book all your connecting flights. Ask for Karen.

In the UK we recommend Dial-A-Flight , who have helped many customers to find the cheapest route to Fortaleza. Ask for Richard in the London office.

  Tips for your visit to Cumbuco and Fortaleza


Sun: The sun in Cumbuco / Fortaleza is very strong, bring high factor sunscreen, its more expensive here than Europe/USA.

Temperature: In the day its between 28 and 31 degrees, at night no lower than 22. The sea temperature is always around 26 degrees.

Money: Best to bring some cash, Euros and US Dollar are easily exchanged. The best rate of exchange is with a Debit card. You can withdraw a maximum of R$1000 per day using a Banco24 ATM, nearest to Cumbuco is at Icarai Fuel Station, there are many in Fortaleza.

Money: Don’t flash it around or carry more than you need and you won’t have problems.

Water: Don’t drink the tap water, always buy bottled water which is cheap and available everywhere.

ID: It's law in Brazil for all to carry ID at all times, a photocopy is not acceptable, only the original.

Internet: The Sunset Beach Hotel, and 4 of the Fortaleza apartments have Internet connections. There are also many internet cafes in Cumbuco and Fortaleza.

Phones: Mobile phones work very well in the Cumbuco, Fortaleza and all up the coast. You can also by a local SIM card in a supermarket.


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